Jun 14, 2013

Most parents monitor kids on Facebook: study

Some two-thirds of American parents monitor their children's Facebook activities, but a large percentage say they trust their youngsters to manage on their own, a study showed Thursday.
The survey by the Annenberg Center for the Digital Future at the University of Southern California found 70 percent of parents keep tabs on their kids' Facebook accounts. Some 46 percent had passwords.
Yet 30 percent said they allow their children to manage their own social media activities, with some saying it was because they trust their children, or because monitoring would indicate a lack of trust.
Nine percent of those who allow children to roam free on Facebook said they did not know how to use the social network, and seven percent said they lacked time.

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kisah benar
ank sy yg sulung, umur 7thn ada minta kebenaran nk berFACEBOOK. jwpn dr sy, TIDAK perlu sbb nnt dia tau aktivit umi dia suka soping online...hahaha


D_08 said...

wahhhhh...pandei anak cik ariffda ye... kecik2 lagi udah tau bab2 pesbuk ni.... awei lagi....naseb baek le cik ariffda tegas..... kalo takkkk

Bada Ariff said...

itu la...